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Durashadeᵀᴹ is an innovative way of controlling sunlight and heat transfer into any outdoor space. Visually striking, these shadings add a design element that make chosen areas stand out as landmarks, while at the same time providing 90 percent sunshade coverage.

These novel shade cloths are often designed for architectural sails and commercial shade projects, because of their lightweight, free form. Their versatility allows them to be used in combination with other canopies or umbrellas. These are ideal for large commercial projects, where fabrics need to remain unscathed in spite of extended exposure to the elements; including wind, rain and solar radiation, as well as dust and dirt.

This is because the fabric used in Durashadeᵀᴹ is extremely strong. Imported from top fabric manufacturers in Australia, these duty shade cloths are industrial textiles, made from High Density Polyethylene. Ultra Violet (UV) stabilizers and colour additives are woven into a unique, heavy- duty knitted construction of fabric. As a result, our shade cloths offer maximum UV A and B light protection.

These large unsupported spans of fabric can remain firmly in place, simply tied to walls or a few supporting poles. When you engage us at Advance Canvas, we professionally install these sail canopies to ensure they are tightly attached, and will stay secure without mechanical breakdown for at least 5 years. To lengthen the fabric’s life span further and safeguard embedded UV stabilizers, we’ll show you how best to care for Durashadeᵀᴹ, including the chemicals that should be avoided.

Durashadeᵀᴹ has proven very popular due to its durability, practicality, aesthetic value and affordability. Make a statement with high quality, tough fabrics complete with UV protection, in the colour you choose, whether it’s a striking hue of aquamarine covering a playground, or an elegant porcelain shade over an outdoor dining area.