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Advance Canvas has been designing and manufacturing quality outdoor shading solution for over 28 years in Singapore. Our products ranging from retractable and fixed loop blinds, collapsible link for sun shade canopy as well as other attractive outdoor umbrellacanvas shading, and many others. Aside from that, we also supply a variety of blinds sunscreen to reduce heat penetration into your residence. Visit our site to learn more about our latest innovative products of outdoor shading solutions such as sun shade canopyoutdoor umbrellacanvas shadingawningsdurashade and many more to manage these climatic conditions. 

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Sky Shades:
Design to complement any glass roofing, this solution provides you with sun shading and also some heat insulation from the glass. It is an awning to be placed under any glass canopy to provide you with comfort, transforming your covered patio into an elegant shaded place where you can sit and relax.