Welcome to Advance Canvas Online Shopping! Advance Canvas has been designing and manufacturing quality outdoor shading solution for over 28 years in Singapore. Our products ranging from retractable and fixed loop blinds, collapsible link for sun shade canopy as well as other attractive outdoor umbrellacanvas shading, and many others. Aside from that, we also supply a variety of blinds sunscreen to reduce heat penetration into your residence. Visit our site to learn more about our latest innovative products of outdoor shading solutions such as sun shade canopyoutdoor umbrellacanvas shadingawningsdurashade and many more to manage these climatic conditions.

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Outdoor Blinds:
Outdoor blinds are an ideal solution when you need to reduce the amount of sunshine entering a room. Like a shady tree, they prevent outdoor glare from reaching rooms, while still allowing in soft light and breezes. Rooms cool naturally, reducing the load on your air-conditioning systems. At the same time, furnishings and floor coverings are protected from fading. Outward visibility remains excellent, even as daytime privacy within is assured.

While our blinds have proven popular and have been custom-made for private residences in Singapore, they are designed with today’s demanding commercial market in mind. They can be used to separate large open rooms using fabric widths up to 2.5 metres, and provide shade even when ceilings are well beyond 2 metres high.

There’s no fear of weakening joint, as we use a high frequency welding machine to render fabrics strong, smooth and seamless, with as few joints as possible. Suitable both in and outdoors, the thick fabrics we’ve chosen meet American standards of bacterial and fungal resistance, and require almost no maintenance. We’ve added a feature unique to Advance Canvas to make our outdoor blinds even easier to use: a cable can be made to run down each side of the screen, to hold them neatly in place. These two side guides safely latch screen close to the ground, if necessary, preventing potential accidents caused by sturdy screens swaying in strong winds. To raise and lower them, we provide you the added option of manually-operated or motorised sunscreens.