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Outdoor Parasols
Advance Canvas outdoor parasols, when strategically-placed, not only shield you from both sun and rain, but can enhance the look and feel of your alfresco dining areas. Have them ready-made, using standard-sized frames available in the market, or ask to have them custom-made to your preferred specifications. All you need to do is decide on the look that accentuates your setting, whether for your home, outdoor café or hotel resort. Here’s how you can build the perfect umbrella, using your ideal components.

The crowning glory of the umbrella, the cover, is just one way to express your individuality. You can have octagon or pyramid-shaped covers made of cool, water-resistant acrylic fabrics.

Aluminium frames
These lightweight umbrellas have powder-coated poles for weather-proofing. You also have the choice of a centre or side pole. While a side pole offers greater flexibility in layout and offers an unobstructed view, choosing a centre pole can encourage a cosier feel. Here are the standard sizes available to go with our pyramid or octagon-shaped coverings:

Floor mount / Portable base.
To complete your umbrella, the floor mount provides more than just a design element. Instead, this base provides stability to the entire structure. Select from direct floor mount, which is bolted to strong sturdy floorings, or cast iron plates available which can simply be placed on the ground.

Once your choice is made, you can have standard-sized umbrellas delivered to your door for quick and easy installation, a week from the time your order is placed with us.

Building umbrellas on a grand scale
We’re often called upon to build larger umbrellas, and in these instances, we offer the most stable and durable solutions, offering customised umbrellas can be made as large as 7 metres in diameter or 7 metres square. While we can certainly manufacture larger ones for you on request, we call these tents instead, since they require additional supporting poles to span as large an area as you might need.

From the time you choose to build your umbrellas with us, all the way through to completion, we provide professional in-house and on-site servicing. Our engineers offer expert advice, right down to assessing the wind-load that your umbrellas need to withstand; take project measurements; manufacture your umbrellas in our Singapore factory; make delivery and provide installation. Handpick your cover from our range of more than 10 European acrylic colors or even PVC fabrics. Complete waterproofing is assured when you choose PVC covers. These can be designed into not just pyramids or octagons, but unusual conical-shapes as well.

As an added personalized touch, signage or company logos can be hand painted by an artist or silkscreen printed onto covers.

Combining these unique, attractive covers with sturdy mild steel frames and either direct floor mounts or made-to-measure footing either made of strong steel plates or concrete, almost any umbrella or tent you would like to have, can be designed.

If you have a creative idea to produce an umbrella with a difference, we would be happy to assist you in making this vision a reality.